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Feb 23 '12

Because the 1990s are now considered “Retro” and the Hipsters on Tumblr need a role model

Because the 1990s are now considered “retro”, and this article claims it “perfectly captures the 1990s” when it DOES NOT, not even by a long shot., it’s time you hipsters got an education from a man who lived through the 1990s and lived to tell about it. ME!

Tumblr being “that thing you heard about before everyone else heard about it”, needs people like me to tell the world that there was so much more to 1990s. In fact, most of this sh*t from the Buzzfeed Article, was from the 1980s. Hence all the fugly colors and cheezy processed TV dreck that is still being kicked around in hopes that YOU will tell all your friends about it because some hasbeen child actor will tell you about it during the 5 minutes of programmed preprocessed crap that VH1 or Adult Swim has you believing is cool. (Adult Swim stopped being cool when it canceled Anime for Tim and Eric, who suck.)

I could probably add all sorts of tags to this post today that described the 1990s, and it would be buried under a buch of Saved by the Bell crap, Urkle pics, and Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire lyrical parodies.

So I asked myself all sorts of questions after I read the artcle.

Where’s the pictures of Lady Diana? What about all those cartoons that people remember other than the Simpsons like Pokemon, Beavis and Butt-Head (they were around before they were brought back), or South Park. The Ninja Turtle Movies including the second film with Vanilla Ice. Movies featuring Keanu Reeves (Bill & Ted, Point Break, Speed, The Matrix), Brad Pitt (Seven, 12 Monkeys, Legends of the Fall, Fight Club), and Angelina Jolie (Hackers, Gia, Foxfire)?

Funny how nobody remebers that kid the teenage girls went GAGA over who was on Seaquest DSV. No Buffy the Vampire Slayer listed.

No pictures of the first Gulf War or the first attack on the World Trade Center. No memories of fighting against AIDS, Ebola, or the adorable little monkeys from Outbreak.

No Lost Highway, Trent Reznor, Marlyn Manson, Veruca Salt or Metalica. No Napster. No screen grabs of Yahoo!, Excite, Lycos, or Northern Light. No mention of Virtual Reality, Lawnmower Man, John Mnemonic, VR5 or any of those other films that tried to reference Philip K. Dick or star Malcom McDowell.

They had Kurt Cobain, but no Eddie Vedder. No pictures of Grunge Bands in Garages in Seattle fueled by the heron from the Caffene Junkie from behind the Starbucks.

No George Carlin (who’s best stuff was in the 1990s), Richard Jenny (sp), or Mitch Hedleberg (sp).

No Melissa Virus. No “I Love You” Virus”. No pictures of the woman who sang “No More I Love Yous”. No ska bands, swing bands, or riot girl bands.

No goth chicks trying to look like Death of the Endless from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman reading a first edition of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac before Jhonen Vasquez was known while they while listened to a CD player playing Siouxsie and the Banshees (they were on the Batman Returns soundtrack and their last album was in 1995). Not enough Alanis Morissette (quite ironic), Jewel, or Whitney Houston. (Unless that was her on that Vouge Cover). No memories of Gwen Steffani from when she was in a Ska band and not this crappy pop star. No mention of Alternative Rock, the Industrial Rock, or even that those short periods where Rap met Rock.

No lanyards, glow in the dark toys or Nintendo 64s with Goldeneye playing in it.

No gameboys, Game Gears, or NSXes. Not even girls who were listening to INXS or Sevendust or Cyprus Hill or Rage Against The Machine.

No nods to Akira, Ghost In the Shell, or Haeyo Miyazaki?

No Hurricane Andrew, Flood of 1993, or the movie Twister or Forrest Gump.

No pictures of the war in Bosnia.

No Garth Brooks or Three Tenors.

No Pam Anderson or David Hasselhoff from Baywatch.

Are the people from Buzzfeed asleep or were they just not paying attention to what was going on in the 1990s?

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Dec 7 '11

Virtual Shackles.

Not at Snorlax! You bastards! ;_;


Virtual Shackles.

Not at Snorlax! You bastards! ;_;

(Source: thedailywhat)

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