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Mar 10 '12

Hacks Garden 2012

Greetings again, Tumblrers and Hipsters who still use Instagram on your site. It’s gardening time!

Garden Time! with MrHacks on Tumblr!

This year marks the fourth year of gardening and a change of how things are done. The Square Foot Garden Method will be used as well as container gardening. It is a plan I’v had ever since I got started with gardening.

The benefits are that I will no longer use any of the soil in my back yard. An unsettling revelation about what’s been going on at the creek behind my house over the the past fifty years involving the Mallinckrodt during the Atomic Age (see FUSRAP), along with the remediation of the dirt near the creek for Uranium, Radium, Thorium, and other This-will-give-you-cancer-ium isotopes has me thinking about where the dirt came from in my own backyard that wasn’t the dirt that I put in.

Now before everyone gets into a panic, ionizing radiation is practically in everything on this planet. Electronics, including cellphones, produce non-ionizing (low energy) radiation, which is harmless. But the high energy (ionizing) is the stuff that can cause cell damage and cancer.

Interesting enough, plants are more used to radiation exposure. After the Chernobyl disaster, Sunflowers were planted by farmers and discovered that sunflowers could absorb the thorium fallout that contaminated the dirt. The stereotype of nuclear goo (which could really just be a rock emitting ionizing radiation) making mutant large plants are only half true. Some plants will grow larger from radiation exposure, but they won’t turn into bizarre mutant monsters.

Since Chernobyl, the evacuated ghost city of Pripyat, Ukraine has been overrun with plant overgrowth. The plants are now the rulers of the city in the former Soviet republic.

However, my problem isn’t even close to a Chernobyl problem. Not even by a long shot. But it still doesn’t feel right to plant the plants I eat in dirt with possible above average radiation levels. I’m not afraid to live where I live. And the majority of cancers that have occurred in the neighborhood were the result of the kids playing in the creek (which they shouldn’t have even without any warning that the water may have been tainted) or coincidental.

Follow this path of Coldwater Creek through North St. Louis County on Google Maps and realize that this map doesn’t show how many people may have been impacted.

So there is really nothing wrong with living here, just don’t play in the creek and help Florissant Mayor Tom Schneider demand the clean up of the Westlake Landfill which could do much worse damage to North County than what’s in Coldwater Creek as it is where some of the materials from FUSRAP were transfered but could seep into the water table or get flooded out and potentially contaminate the water supply throughout North County.

OK, enough with this nuclear crap. (Go green! Buy a solar panel. I know. I’m working on it.) Time for the gardening part.

As always, this Tumblr site is used to upload pictures of my progress with the garden. A new smartphone this year will probably produce some better detailed pictures of my garden and the places I go to look at other people’s gardens.

The magnolias are in bloom as I speak and cheery blossoms and dogwood should soon follow. Expect pictures.

This year’s garden will concentrate more on herbs and flowers rather than long large plants like last year. Seeing how quickly all my zucchini and pumpkin were decimated by pest bugs last year really got me more motivated to do my gardening indoors, at least until late April or May.

On advice by a local gardening expert at my local TrueValue hardware store, indoor seeding should generally start around the March full moon, which has recently passed. I got a little eager and started some of my herbs indoors early. A couple week later I started most of my usual including peppers and tomatoes.

New plants have been added including peas, garlic, green tomatillo, spinach, lettuce, and broccoli of two types regular and romanesco. The latter will look very awesome to take photos of as it produces natural fractal patterns and have an interesting taste to them supposedly.

I’m hoping to share extra seeds with the neighbors if they are interested.

That seems to be everything for today. Stay tuned for more awesome garden photos.

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Nov 14 '11

Intel: Intentionally rendering good computers obsolete since 1968

I recently figured out why whenever I start up Chromium (as I am using Ubuntu Linux as my Operating System), why Chromium always starts up without enabling the WebGL features. Sometimes I will look up the active processes for Chromium and see the following attributes have been tacked on. (Note: -F for ps generally has more columns shown, but for clarity, and for the fact that my attempts to process this output by piping it to a gawk command got very messy and didn’t preserve the hierarchy of the processes used with ps -AH, I removed the leading columns.)

$ ps-AHF | grep "chromium" | less
  /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --type=plugin --plugin-path=/usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/ --lang=en-US --channel=REDACTED
/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --type=zygote
  /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --type=extension --lang=en-US ... --disable-webgl --disable-gl-multisampling --disable-accelerated-compositing --channel=REDACTED

There’s like several other listings of the last line, likely because I have so many tabs open. But the highlighted part is probably the most important. Yesterday I wanted to try out the new MapsGL features on Google Maps, but the browser is not set up to do that because of those two arguments tacked on to just about every intstance of chormium-browser. It turns out thanks to the folks at Intel, I won’t be enjoying these new features anytime soon.

Comic created with Dan Awesome’s Rage Maker

The Intel GMA 945 series of graphics processors supposedly also has problems with rendering OpenGL graphics as well, which would explain why Electric Sheep would freeze up. And why should this EPIC FAIL be limited to three dimensional graphics? The graphics card will also make Chromium block out the screen with pieces of the screen window if you right click after downloading too many images. Thus, you have this rectangle with a light shadow on it than not even adjusting any of your Compiz settings in the Gnome or Ubuntu Unity control pannel can even fix or prevent.

I had really hoped to get my feet wet with WebGL in the near future as experimenting with graphics using JavaScript is far more safer than experimenting with graphics using Java or C.

So, now I need to find a netbook that doesn’t have Intel’s crappy chipset installed, which has been the folly I’ve had with at least two other computers I’ve owned in the past decade.

I’d really like to build my own netbook the same way I built my desktop computer which is currently still collecting dust as there is no money to replace the mobo, CPU, or a more modern set of memory, and I still have to replace the back up power unit. Everything else seems to be good on it. the GPU, the power supply unit, a new case, a harddrive I’m very eager to install eventually. But the vital components are currently non-functional.

It’s sort of a bummer that despite my efforts to add these widgets on my tumblr site that I haven’t made one red cent from the advice, news, and information I’ve been kicking around. It’s also very hard to change the layout of this tumblr on a 10.1” netbook screen even at full screen.

So if anyone can help me gain the funds necessary to fulfill these goals, that would be very helpful.

In the mean time, I guess I’ll have to make due with experimenting with 2D graphics.

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Mar 11 '11

CSSWARP - CSS Text to Path Generator

Adobe Illustrator users might be familar with the concept of Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG. The new canvas element in HTML5 breaks the barrier between HTML and SVG.
Also, WebGL 1.0 was released eariler this week. Details in the morning.


CSSWARP - CSS Text to Path Generator

Adobe Illustrator users might be familar with the concept of Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG. The new canvas element in HTML5 breaks the barrier between HTML and SVG.

Also, WebGL 1.0 was released eariler this week. Details in the morning.

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Feb 23 '11

If programming languages were essays… (click for hi-res)


If programming languages were essays… (click for hi-res)

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Feb 19 '11

Python in color!

So, I’m currently getting my feet wet in Python again while I work on my bash script and tumblr theme.

Before I begin, I’d like to take the time to mention a couple of things with the source code of my current tumblr theme (which is modified from someone elses at the moment) and state that I hope that I can replace some of the Yahoo! User Interface stuff with something more popular: jQuery. While Tumblr does have some comprehensive documentation on how to write your own theme, everything around their syntax that you write should still be able to use advanced code. So as we move toward HTML5, it would seem the best programming practice is to use a programming language that can handle both high-level object-oriented programing (like C, C++, or Java) and script programming (bash, PERL, PHP). Python offers the best of both worlds. While PERL can do the same thing as Python and is a bit more C-like, Python is a versatile programming language that can be used for both writing program and writing scripts. It is also possible to migrate a Python program into becoming a C or C++ program so that it can run faster. (Note: I did not say “convert”. Migrate seems a more appropriate term because you still need to go into a python program and modify a few things to make it become a C/C++ program.

Call me old school, but any program that requires the less amount of “mousework” (using the mouse to make things) and greater coding and usability with just the keyboad is way better. Take my gardening data table that I made yesterday. If I wanted to, I could use a program like awk or cut to move the columns around in a single command. No menus to fumble with, no worries about making mistakes. In fact, the only time things could change is if I gave a command to redirect it to another file or to make the current command actually modify the file.

So if Python is idea for programming and scripting, then what is the most ideal Python-based web framework? And answer is as easy as pie: CherryPy to be exact! For a few months now, I’ve used SABnzbd+ to retrieve Usenet binary posts. (Yes, the Usenet is still there. But only a few groups are worth going to, but I’ll explain that some other time.) SABnzbd+ uses CherryPy to effciently use the localhost without the bloat or obsfucation that Django. Right now, I just need to get that set up.

But enough blathering, today I’d like to start off with something simple.

I find the “Hello World” program to be a waste of bytes. What good is it to write a program if you don’t apply several tasks in the same program.

The following program has been proven to work on Linux in a few other programming languages, including Bash and C/C++. Now this program is ported to Python. YMMV!

# File:
# Info: A file with no mystery but plenty of protein.
#    Print text in COLOR! 
red = "\x1b[1;31m"      # set the string color to red
grn = "\x1b[1;32m"      # green
blu = "\x1b[1;34m"      # blue
rst = "\x1b[0m"         # reset the string back to normal (required!)
print "%sHello %sColorful %sWorld%s" % (red,grn,blu,rst)

What you should see should be something like this

$ chmod u+x
$ ./
Hello Colorful World

(Note: If you are looking at this on your Tumblr dashboard, you’re not going to see the colors, so look at this post at my Tumblr page!)

I added the chmod command so that the program can be run as ./ instead of python I only recommend doing this for the main module of a program that you are making.

As for the colors, they are simple hacks that have been around for decades, but thanks to the Windows centric world, the fun of playing with escape sequences has been moot over the past decade.

I’m currently trying to get a program called beep to work so that I can play around with another terminal feature that has been left by the wayside: Making Noise. If anyone can provide a solution to this problem, answer here.

It would be nice if I could get a little help answering some of my questions so that I can close some of the currently 86 tabs that are open in my browser.

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